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Hello  I'll be updating this from time to time
and I still haven't included all my translations yet 
I hope this helps

Jweb Entries

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Lyrics + more... )
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I tried drawing a chibi Sho on his TABOO costume 

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Hello, hisashiburi ~ 
I was not able to translate for some time.
uwah, it's summer break already How will you spend your summer?
It's summer break for some but I am currently having my internship  
So, I actually do not have a summer vacation 
Anyway, here's Otonoha Vol. 78, enjoy 

Hello, it's me.

This is just a random thought...

We, Arashi,
are often told by quite a lot of people that we "perfectly match when we talk"
We can even say long comments with the matching voices of five of us.
for example, we said this quite long comment on VS Arashi...
"VS Arashi! 3-way special! Battle for the Strongest!!"

...we can say these things altogether.
The technique is to match up the breathing of the person near you.
(This is a useful tip to anyone...)
That's why we're sometimes told that...
"You seem to be quintuplets..."

We would reply, "We were together for 10 years, and this is the only thing that we can do together."

And there was a time when the five of us had to say something together.
It was a little long line but, as expected, we were able to match perfectly.

"Oh~!! You match well!!...Well then, please try to say this too..." 

...and we were challenged to deliver a longer line.
and then, we were able to do it.
"This is our only strong point~"

...we said that again.
This was a talk of the members.
"It's interesting if we can say 'Thank you for your hard work!' perfectly altogether (laughs)"
It would be really interesting if we can still make it.
"It'll be something about 'How far will we be able to match our voices?'"
and we we're on a photoshoot as we talk about that.
...the photoshoot has ended.

"That's all, the photoshoot has ended!!!"

"One, two~three!"
Arashi (the five of us)
"Thanks for your hard work~!"

that’s meaningless.
If we can do it without the "one, two~three," we can be told that we "perfectly match"...

As expected.
As espected of Aiba-kun.

Well then,
I'll end it here.
(one, two~ three!)
Thanks for your hard work!!!

Sakurai Sho
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Okay, I've read posts on LJ that it's currently being attacked by DDoS~ whatever that thing means~
Anyway, this will serve as a backup of my LJ journal posts in case something bad will happen.
I personally think that DW is safer than LJ but then again they're sisters.
Just saying.

I'm anout to start transferring my entries here 
That's all for now~ ja 

I like this

Apr. 3rd, 2011 10:13 pm
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My aunt went to Vietnam and she bought this for me~ 
Who's from Vietnam? I really like this! hahaha. I hope there's something like this here  

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I hate to be a victim of Arpil fools! Mou, are you also one of the victims? 
By the way, I created a twitter account! Yay! It's shonohime

This is the last Aibartender, thank you very much for supporting me up until now.

Those were splendid times; since I started learning being a bartender. I had a face-to-face with sake.
The lines in the drama have not only always touched Ryuu-kun's heart but also Aiba-kun's.

I think this has really been a good drama 
I've done various things: of course, making wines is one thing. I spoke French, played dice stacking, etc
But learning things as an adult is something really enjoyable

By the way...I did my best on practicing and filming for about half a year.
and the number of glasses that I ever broke was.......

Well then, about today's final episode. This has been said since the beginning.

And now, it's the time for deciding "Hotel Cardinal's" chief bartender

...but, the chariman is not here today so who will decide?
I think this is one of the highlights of this episode
This time, Ryuu-kun will make a difficult kind of sake. But, since it's the final episode, I made it with all my might

It's ending with this and it makes me a bit lonely.
In one event, "AiBar" will open

It's good if there will be something like that...
Thank you very much

Aiba Masaki
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============================== Index ============================
1. What we can do now
2. New aid project "Marching J"

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
1. What we can do now
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Since the occurrence of the big earthquake that has struck eastern Japan,
we have been giving our constant support to the disaster areas,
while moving the 2 concert power supply vehicles we donated immediately after the earthquake
to the districts with the heaviest power outages.
A second group of trucks loaded with emergency relief supplies and fuel vehicles departed on March 25th,
and following the first group, pieces of clothing, such as t-shirts, and medicines have been delivered.
3 weeks after the earthquake occurred, from April 1st and for the following 3 days,
as the first step of a new aid project called "Marching J",
in order to expand the big circle of support together with all the fans, all our artists,
for a total of over 100, gathered at the Yoyogi National 1st Gymnasium,
will make a call for help directly to everyone.
We want to stack one by one "the things we can do now" in order to
move forward towards tomorrow, in the continuously changing environment surrounding us.
We would like all of you who approve this project to join us,
and we thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Johnny's Family Club
Johnny & Associates
All the artists

This activity is holding in cooperation with “NAASH Yoyogi National Gymnasium.


*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
2. New aid project "Marching J"
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Aiming to expand the big circle of support coming from all the fans,
we decided to carry out a fund-raising event with all our talents.
Fans from Japan and all around the world have been asking
Are you not going to do fund-raising? Please do it! Moreover,
even the voices of the fans from the disaster areas have reached us
Please don't cancel the concerts, postpone them. I'll do my best to enjoy them.
With the purpose of helping everyone in the disaster areas to regain their everyday life
as soon as possible, and hoping to see your smiling faces at our concerts,
we will make all the Johnnys Family's talents and fans become one
and we will start from what we can do now!
Let's make the first step of "Marching J" together!
If you and your friends are in Japan, please join this event at all costs!
Also, in case from now on a project that fans from around the world can participate
in will be announced, we thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation!

[Date & Time]: April 1st (Fri), 2nd (Sat), 3rd (Sun) 10:00am to 5:00pm each day

[Venue]: Yoyogi National 1st Gymnasium in Tokyo

*Notice on participation* Please read carefully!

>Each participating artist/group will cover a different time slot
>Please do not disrupt the waiting queue outside the venue
>Please abstain from sending us emails requesting information about participating artists
>We will regulate the number of visitors, the conditions of the traffic around the venue,
the speed of the queue for each time slot
>Be very careful of fraudulent fundraisers using "Johnny's" name near the venue
>The public transport service has been slightly affected by scheduled power outages.
Please make sure you can return home safely.
>Minors, make sure you receive your parents' approval before attending
>Please refrain from coming to the venue before starting time
>Bringing cameras/recording equipment is prohibited.
Please avoid also using the camera feature of your mobile phone.

Be aware of the above before joining us.
In case of an emergency, the event might be suspended.
Please understand that, first of all, we care about the safety of all of you who will attend.
Each one of you is a member of the Johnny's Family.
Please cooperate with us by following the instructions of the staff to avoid accidents.

** = == === ==== ===== ====== ======= ======== ========= ============
*If this mailing system does not ring a bell and want to stop receiving email from us,
cancel your account via:
*Please note that the email delivery service will distribute information email
irregularly and without any notice.
============ ========= ======== ======= ====== ===== ==== === == = **

Thank you for your attention!

This message was sent by: Johnnys International Email Office
This is an automated email. Do not reply to this email.
This email is all rights reserved, reprint and forward is prohibited.
Copyright (C) Johnny & Associates. All Rights Reserved.
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Another set of inspiring words~ that makes people in Japan not to give up.
This time those words are from Jun. 
Okay, tonight is the start of my summer vacation more time for LJ~yay
Keep praying 

This is Matsumoto.
I haven't updated Enjoy since last February.
Again, I give my deepest sympathies to everyone affected by the earthquake.

I am still watching news even now.
I'm really concerned.
When I look up the sky, I would always think of the ones at the affected areas.
I look up and pray that everyone affected would put their smiles back a day faster, a second faster.

You are not alone.
We're thinking about you. Everyone in Arashi is, even the fans, even myself.

You'll be fine, you're not alone.
I look for things that I can do and then I'll act on it.

I believe that there will come a time when we'll be able to laugh together again will come .

I'll continue to live until that time comes;
because I want to smile together with you.

I'm with you,
so don't give up!

Matsumoto Jun
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Good day
This is Aiba Masaki

Tonight is the broadcast of "Bartender" episode 7.
Since this is being broadcasted in the different areas at various circumstances,
it's something that can do little but this could be everyone's little healing time...
that's what I feel from the bottom of my heart.

It's the 7th episode, one episode before the final one
The guests are Bessho Tetsuya-san and Sato Eriko-san
We did this on episode 7.
There were 5 dice inside the cup,
and after shaking that cup, the dice would pile up
It was a game called, "Dice Stacking..."

And I felt that I could do this.
I was able to make 4 dice pile up with the same pattern
and almost 100% of the bartenders can pile up the 5 dice...
No, I think 120% can

Today, I'm writing a column about my skills...
" dice stacking"
I did it
Aiba-kun's special skill

"Bartender" ...
there will be 2 episodes remaining
I hope I can send smiles to everyone through this.
From now on, with all my might, I"ll do my best!

Aiba Masaki 
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Uhm, by the way. You don't have to ask me if you want to add me to your friend's list 

Finally, he updated his otonoha.
a touching message from Sho~ 
Let's pray for Japan~

To everyone who were affected by the earthquake,
I give you my deepest condolences and sympathies from the bottom of my heart.

It's me, Sakurai.

It has been a few days since that earthquake.

I'll write down the details from that time until today.

At that time,
I was in sa photoshoot in Kawasaki.

Kawasaki also felt the shake.
and the photoshoot was suspended for a while.

I went back to the dressing room and saw the pictures on the tv. I became speechless.
It was still shaking when I was watching.
The filming has ended and I left by 5pm.

I was able to get home safely.

That's how my Friday went.
I confirmed the safety of the other members. I was watching the news the whole time.

The whole time.
I always checked on the news

I always checked on the news.

Sunday evening.
I wasn't able to stop my tears from flowing.

The next morning.
My eyes were swollen.

To everyone who were able to watch ZERO last Monday,
I'm sorry to let you worry.

The next day,
The five of us met for the first time since the earthquake.
Everyone was safe.

I felt relieved when I saw everyone's face.

We filmed our regular programs.

By the time that this is broadcasted,
I hope that our little smiles will reach everyone nationwide...
I think that's what we've put into.

As I'm writing this now,
I turn on my tv for the sake of getting information.

I'm depressed.

I haven't turned on my heater. I'm wearing my sweater and coat instead.

It's cold.
compared to the others, suffering, "It's not dark," "It's not cold."

Conservation of energy...
for the sake of avoiding a large-scale blackout.

This is what I can do for now.

Well then,
to everyone in the affected areas,
to everyone in the emergency locations,
to everyone in their homes,
to everyone who volunteers to give assistance,
to all the families
and then.
to everyone who's still worried up to now,

I care for you. I support you.

"Do your best"

I hear that there are some people who do not like these words.

"Stand firmly, stay strong."

Now is the time.
Let's unite our strengths.

Sakurai Sho
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After the incident of the big earthquake that struck northeast Japan, we immediately received inquiries from many fans nationwide and worldwide on how to offer their support. We want to thank everyone for having such sense of responsibility.

Johnny & Associates will be sending concert staff along with 2 cars of power supply (300KW) to the emergency areas. As approved by the government, five trucks will be used for the transport of the relief goods and 2000 liters of gasoline will be delivered. We have already started sending related facilities through the help of the municipality.

From now on, Johnny & Associates is considering the continuation of the support activity. We are asking all fans out there to please support our activities whenever we announce something. Please support us by cooperating.

We are praying for the early recovery of the affected areas.

Johnny's Family Club
Johnny & Associates
and all their artists
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Everyone in Johnny's is safe. 
Here's a meesage posted on Johnny's net
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With what the news say about the big earthquake and the tsunami,
I just can't find the right words to say.

To everyone who took the damage,
I give you my deepest sympathy from the bottom of my heart.

I think it was really an awful situation.
Although I can do this little,
I continue to pray harder and harder for everyone.

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Aiba seems safe after the earthquake~ yokatta. But he did not say something about it. seems like this entry was posted before the earthquake~ 
But I'm expecting him to say something about the earthquake~like telling us that they're safe.
The entry is shorter than I've expected~Anyway, here's volume 6 
by the way, Bartender episode 6 was not aired yesterday~ thanks
to [info]shiaohwamao for correcting me~ 

Vol. 6

Here comes episode 6 
Ryuu-kun has entered to a deep darkness.
I continued to deceive myself until I fall down to the bottom

This enters the story starting episode 6 until the final episode
There's also something about the past of Ryuu-kun's rival, Kuzuhara-san

The guest is Ootomo Kouhei-san 
I think the story is starting to get deeper by episode 6

You'll be delighted when you see it 
I'll also watch it 

Aiba Masaki 
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I am supposed to post an entry saying thanks to all who commented about my interest in the Thai language and entertainment.

but then, I received a message about 4pm saying that there was an earthquake in Japan. 8.9, what a record
by that time, I was reporting something during our lab class~ 
and after I received that message~ 

We supposedly have an exam at 5pm but then it was cancelled because of the warning~ 
so one of our friends gave us a ride home~ 

I thought first for the safety of my friends in Japan, and gladly, they're fine 
but after looking at the damage that the earthquake has made~ 

that even the Prime Minister has experienced the disaster
nothing is fine~ and I really just hope that everyone in Japan is safe~
Everyone in Arashi is safe. But one of my friends said that Yuto of HSJ is currently in a hospital. 
let's pray for everyone in Japan~ 

pictures are from here
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Is anyone here from Thailand?  I would like to learn Thai maybe this summer
anyway, I think I'm starting to like some Thai songs (I do not have a specific artist yet)
but the movie, "A Little Thing Called Love," introduced me to Thai movies and music 
so here's Otonoha Vol. 66. enjoy~ 

oops, another random question. If ever you'll be given a chance to give something to Sho or to any Arashi member, what would it be? 


Hello, it's me.

A few days ago in Arashi ni Shiyagare,
"Have you given Valentine's presents?"
Do you still remember that talk? We were on our peaks that time.

As a matter of fact,
I gave Valentine's presents to everyone.
and that was about a month ago.

There was also a mail that I received from a friend.
"I'm making original polo shirts, do you want one?"

"Ohh, ok then. I wish that there is some for the other members too..."
and then, it turned like this.
was embroidered in five differently colored shirts
and that was coincidentally finished on February 14.

So that day,
"These are my Valentine's presents for everyone (heart)"
and then I handed them the shirts.
( awful.)

I thought that "A.R.S,"
would only remain as a souvenir. Perhaps no one would wear that.

But then, the next day.

and then the week after, Nino-kun wore it.
I'm really happy with just the fact that they wore the present that I gave.

and then several days later,
Nino-kun said,

about the polo shirt that you've given me..."
and then he took off his jacket.
"The... the color..."


with just one wash, the brilliant color of the shirt has already faded.

the originally yellow-colored shirt has turned to yellowish-green.
why yellow-green!?

That's unbelievable! Ooiee~!
and that's it.

after 4 days...
Will I be receiving a return gift...? (heart)
( awful.)

Sakurai Sho
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Hello The voting for Mannequin 5 has opened~ yay
You can vote HERE.
But since it's in Japanese, here's a translated version that I made:

So who do you think owns the clothes? 
I think no. 2 is Aiba's and no. 5 is Sho's.
3 is Jun's and 1 or 4 is either Ohno or Nino. 
but I am really not sure about that 
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omedetou to all who passed the JLPT 
I just received mine today~  yay
for those who has also received their test results today, how is it? 

It's Bartender’s episode 5
This time, there will be an appearance of a godmother
It has been a year and half since we co-starred together.

She is this drama's first female bartender, Muroi Shigeru-san And she's sexy 
Muroi-san and Sei Ashina-san will play the role of mother and child. Their story is really heart-warming...
It's the first time for Ryuu-kun to take a splash of sake from a customer...(laughs)

Please make sure you'll watch it 
And if there were some stories of Ryuu-kun's past on episode 4, you'll see his father on episode 5.
Up until now, Ryuu-kun's relationship with his father is not yet established so please look forward on watching it
Teruhiko Saigo-san plays the role of Ryuu-kun's father

He was really serious
but we were able to talk comfortably when we talked about sake. 
He said that the sake was good when we exchanged drinks

Please watch episode 5 

Aiba Masaki


Mar. 4th, 2011 09:44 pm
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I'll be attending this tomorrow~ yay
but I'll not be in costume~ haha

if there are people who would like to meet then please go and find me there tomorrow~ haha 

Meme, meme~

Mar. 2nd, 2011 07:23 am
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I was tagged by [ profile] denise_dinc 
[ profile] denise_dinc [info]arashibg [ profile] dynames_k [ profile] ginger001 [ profile] iddictive  [info]melodyofmysoul [ profile] sinomerz [ profile] solmatsumoto [ profile] sumeriko 

1. Make a list of 5 things that are in reach:
laptop, phone, rubik's cube, books, lab report sheet 

2. What is the most and least colour in your wardrobe?
Most: purple, Least: green? 

3. What is one item of clothing you wish you could always wear?
wearing pants is always comfortable 

4. Whose your childhood influence?
I don’t know. I forgot most of my childhood stuffs~

5. What are you listening to right now?
SCANDAL – Shoujo M 

6. Who was the last person you hugged?
Gaby, the kid who I was playing with the whole day at my aunt’s office 

7. What random song just popped in your head now?
Yui - Muffler

8. What did you do today?
Attended lab class, we did unknown analysis~
Eat then look for a new laptop prospect
Went to my aunt’s office
Played with Gaby for a while
Went home
Did my post lab reportssss
Translated Enjoy Vol. 72
Currently typing this thing

9. What was the last text message you received
*checks phone*
‘Kumusta nga pala yung video?’
How was the video?
(because I was tasked to edit a video and I haven’t passed it yet~)

10. What websites do you always visit when you go online?
Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, LJ, Jpopsuki

11. What is your next big planned purchase?

12. If you could afford to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I really would like to visit Japan and Paris 

13. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Roaming around Japan. Haha. Jk, maybe working as an industrial pharmacist~ or pursuing medicine, I don’t know. haha

14. Where's your tattoo/Where would you like a tattoo?
I don’t want to get one.

15. What are you doing this weekend?

16. If you could play any musical instrument, which one would you play?
I can play guitar, bass, piano, violin and flute~ but I really want to focus on piano and violin. I hope I have time for this

17. What's the one thing you need the most now?

18. Are you a creeper?

19. What is your dream job?
I wanted to be an architect or an engineer but ended up on being a pharmacist. No regrets, I like it. 

20. What’s the one thing that you eat on a certain occasion (or no occasion at all) that you don’t really know why you’re doing it?
I would randomly ask our helper to cook noodles for me~even if I'm not that hungry. hahaha 
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